Are davey havock and jef star dating

INDEX A A bad Ahmad Khan Page | 401 Abdul Hamid, Maulana . Abdul Hamid, Mian Abdul Hamid Abdul Hamid Shah, Maulavi Abdul Haq Md, Ishaq *• Pag 307 Abdul Szu .

• « 3 Abdul Mannan Malik 515 Abdul Ghani, Mian 530 | Abdul Mota Ub 483 Abdul Hafiz • • 22(a) i Abdul Qadir 6,336 Abdul Hafiz Khan .

Sir | Jnd L % m Ahmad, Said, Mian Ahmad Thambi Mohd.

ft S_ E ' myat P nri ' K - B - Maniaii Page 635(a), 535(6; 543{r) m 533 334 ..

&hib Bahadur Ahmed Beg, Mirza Ahmed CJhandoo Ahmed, Br.

Ahmed, Khan Bahadur Alfazuddin 1 Ahmed Khan, Syed Ahmed Maulavi Badaruddin Ahmed, Maulavi Kaziruddin Ahmed, Maulavi Rukunoddin Ahmed, Moshorrafuddin Ahmed Mohideen, Sahib Bahadur Ahmed, Moulvi Sahar-nd-din I Ahmed Meeran, S.

Member of the Royal Society for Encouragement of Arts.

i WE ASIATIC REVIEW {p HE articles in the Asiatic Review are written by T trained observers, with long experience of the problems they discuss, and accustomed to present their facts in an unbiased manner. Motors India Limited, Sewn, Bom- bay for all iafonnatioru When yon go on leave why not have a car that will be as much at home on the mofossil roads as the Kingston By-Pass.

Their names are an index of experts on the subject which they treat. Have a Vauxhall— -the only British car with Knee Action, Turret Top, Hydraulic Brakes and All- Weather Ventilation.

The Times Literary Supplement writes : “ In no othei periodical can there be found so many expressions of opinion by well-known people on Indian questions." The study of Far Eastern problems has for a long time been a regular feature of the Asiatic Review. Events in Malaya, the Netherlands Indies, French Indo- China, Ceylon and the Near and Middle East are frequently discussed. To East & West Lm, 3 Victoria Street, London, S, W. Central Provinces and Bern ••a mm mm m 140—161 Madras •* *■* mm M mm Ml 163—183 North-West Frontier Province m mm mm Ml 185—191 Orisisa — M M *m mm mm 192—193 Punjab *•* -* Ml - mm m 195—211 Sad •* ~ - mm mm mm 213—215 United Provinces — ~ mm mm Ml mm 217—239 Members of the Provincial Services who are holding posts ordinarily reserved for the Civil Service of India •• ~ mm 240-249 COVISSHMEN® ox Dtnl AS Foreign and Political Department Ml m* mm 250—252 Survey of India •* — - • a mm mm 262—255 Geological Survey of India M Mr mm ft* m 255 Botanical Survey of India' ..

Recent contri- butors include : Philip Burtt, Hugh Byas, Su-Lee Chang, O. Green, Genchi Kato, Yosuke Matsuoka, Judge Masataro Miyake, Capt Arata Oka, Dr. On the Netherlands I~d s coi ' ibu f, ons b following have appeared m 1936 M . i Date Phase send ** The Asiatic Review *’ fa Tw lm Mown "'iw/itrg with to far which J enclose equivalent {One Pound sterling).

, 302 Abdul Hamid , , 6 Abdul Rahman Abdul Baki, Sardar .

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Are davey havock and jef star dating introduction

Are davey havock and jef star dating

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