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Plate tectonicists have had to resort to the far-fetched notion that soft ocean sediment can slide smoothly into a subduction zone without leaving any significant trace.An alternative view of Benioff zones is that they are very ancient fractures produced by the cooling and contraction of the earth, and currently represent the deformation interface between the uplifting island arc/continental region and the subsiding ocean crust and mantle.Easter Island owes its roughly triangular shape to the three volcanoes located at its corners: Poike, Rano Kau, and Terevaka.In addition to these main volcanic centers there are at least 70 subsidiary eruptive centers.

According to the ruling geological paradigm of plate tectonics, Easter Island has never been part of a sunken continent.

In the Pacific basin there are intersecting megatrends, composed of ridges, fracture zones, and seamount chains, running NNW-SSE and WSW-ENE (fig. Although plate tectonicists invoke ad-hoc ‘microplates’ and ‘hotspots’ whenever the need arises, they are unable to offer a satisfactory explanation of any of these megatrends, and prefer to ignore them.

Furthermore, some megatrends continue into the Australian, Asian, and North and South American continents where they link up with major Precambrian lineaments, implying that the ‘oceanic’ crust is at least partly composed of Precambrian rocks – as has been confirmed by deep-sea dredging, drilling, and seismic data.

Even under the oceans there is no continuous asthenosphere, only disconnected asthenospheric lenses.

In addition, the boundaries of the main plates are sometimes ill defined or nonexistent.

The island is believed to be the summit of an immense mountain formed by the outpouring of molten volcanic rock from the seafloor.

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Dating sites with eastern europeans introduction

Dating sites with eastern europeans

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