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In the end I feel like I just know where the story goes after watching the first episode. Impressive how he is trying to extend his work portfolio by tackling more modern-day dramas and he really does a good job. yoon eun hye and if you are into that stuff well maybe you like this one. The main character Jung Won likes Hae Sung when she was young but 12-13 years has gone and she is now 30, how the heck does she flutters by a guy who is 18yo, like she gets all shy and everything. How one needs to value the past & yet live in the present. Hahaha sorry idk why but its okay since the storyline look interesting for me.. There's nice and touching moments in this drama but there're so many flaws.Although he still is the prince of historical dramas, I salute his courage for not limiting himself in that genre and for trying other genres this year (from science-fiction in 'Circle' to fantastic in 'Reunited Worlds'). The comic relief is also welcome ("Brazilian wax couple" LOL). Everything changes, it makes no sense she still likes Hae Sung. How everything happens for a reason- the past as well as the present. Really nice acting but too sad to keep on watching. i love their friendship atleast haesung didnt feel lonely.. hae sung and jung won love story in highschool so cute ?? and from the sad story from high school, i hope Hae Sung and Jung Won together in the end. Firstly the directing effort is subpar given that the director had already done several works before. Camera lingers on the wrong moments, making a scene forced and awkward, and sometimes exposing or magnifying the actors' weaknesses in their profession.At the last scene he didnt say anything and Jun Won wasnt so much suprised to see him so thats why I think its her imagination. it shows love, friendship, patients, perseverance and most of all, hope. It amazes me that when we needed it most there was this to watch. I have to say all these clishee k-drama scenes are getting on my nerves. But Tae Hoon said that he only push Yang Chul, not hit him with something. I still do not understand what is all the fuss about the age gap, since it is a fantastic drama; so, why not? The plot is not realistic and not logical but what the heck! I find it so sad yet so sweet,uncommon yet interesting. Also because I hope jung won and min joon to end up together. which they can be anything like My Love From The Star (Alien x Human), Legend of the Blue Sea (Mermaid x Human), and the "people/human" charaters in the drama will just accept the fact that they are living with something like "ghost/alien" or anything. A bizarre & unrealistic plot as it may seems, the values & spirit that comes with it is totally humanistic & realistic.

Anyways, just dont mind the part of jung won ( acting is annoying ) and you will just be fine watching this. But later in the drama I realised, that she is actually portraying a lost character. Those here who are a little older should know that feeling. Having to compete with colleagues, who seem more advanced in their knowledge, by far.As the eldest brother, he has a strong sense of responsibility.Although Hae-Sung has good scores at school, he opts to go to a culinary school to support his family rather than college.Because then, the reaction of everyone involved will be much more believable. And i love Yeo Jin Goo's smile a lot Can't get over with circle just finished it yesterday, Yep Jin Too is such a good actor, but so far I don't feel the chemistry of the lead actress (old one) but the young one has a good raport with him. I can say so far that he went back because of the comet (Jung made a wish and granted I think) or there is one mystery forced because he needs to solve the murder and I think the car passanger has something to do with the murder Yeo jin too is really amazing, but I don't think ahn jae hyeon is fitted here because I don't see any chemistry he is a good actor and good looking one but i don't feel him in this dram Hope I can get an answer to the next episode I feel like I would have enjoyed this a lot more if Jung Chae-Yeon remained the lead character throughout the entire drama.This is the first time I'm watching both the director's and writer's joint effort and it is disappointing. I'm not sure if I'll be continuing to watch this (most likely will though). Will be looking forward to this drama as the best hit will be conclude this weekend. I'm hoping for have sung getting back in time and rewrite their destiny. 10 years later he resurfaced looking exactly 10 years his contemporaries aged akleady...

I am not a big fan of Lee Yeon Hee acting, but she is a veteran actress; so I trust the casting decision (but sometimes I feel that she has more chemistry with Ahn Jae-Hyun. The mystery about the lead-male death and his reappearance is what got me hooked, I hope the next episodes will not be a disappointment. YJG is amazing for a young indeed a character actor. wow ost has been released and Cho Hyun Ah sing the song. To compound that, the writing is just a puzzle to me. I'm especially referring to people's reaction to seeing a dead person come back to life - knowing that the body was lying in the coffin and cremated. One can't simply ignore the physical impossibility of that unless... Yet the show indicates nothing of that and makes the characters ignore this blatant fact in the first place.

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Friends renunited dating introduction

Friends renunited dating

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