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(Just think of how many hot summer days you endured in your un–air conditioned house—your canned food got hot too!

) However, the chances are low that the canned food item will have spoiled after a year.

Others who ate the same yogurt but didn't see the expiration date enjoyed the food without claims of spoilage."Ultimately, it all depends on the type of food. Expiration dates are more important than ever with raw meat—and so is common sense.

"Whether it's ground hamburger or a pound of steak, either eat it or freeze it within two days of purchase," says Jackie Keller, a certified provider of food safety training for the County of Los Angeles Department of Health. "Even if the sell-by date is five days away, home refrigerators usually aren't cool enough to keep the meat fresh for more than two days," says Keller.

Use your nose for these foods."We've all had a carton of milk in the fridge that's past its expiration and done the sniff test to see if it might be safe to pour over cereal.

Most likely, Keller says, the sell-by date on the carton doesn't necessarily translate to the date the milk will spoil.

Any frozen ground meat should be used within three months; pork holds for six months; and beef, lamb, veal and venison last eight to 12 months, says Keller, citing the Ohio State University guidelines for food management. "If meat is brown or green, it's no good," says Baker. Food & Drug Administration for their nutritional value. "Dates on food packages have more to do with quality than they do safety," says Baker.

"A slimy, sticky or dry texture is also indicative of spoilage, as is a sour odor." She adds, "Ground beef has more surface area than other meats and may spoil sooner due to bacterial growth."These usually have a use-by or expiration date," says Keller. The formula or baby food is guaranteed to contain a certain quantity of each nutrient described on the label only if consumed by that date. So, they may be stale, but they're unlikely to be unsafe for consumption.

If stored around 37 degrees Fahrenheit, pasteurized milk will remain fresh for two to five days after its sell-by date." And yogurt?

Their packaging has a drawing of an open jar, inside it, there is a number representing the number of months.

In this example, it is 6 months of use after opening. Unused cosmetics also lose their freshness and become dry.

Also, if formula is stored too long, it loses its quality and forms lumps that will clog the plastic nipple." Bottom line: Do not buy or use baby formula or baby food after its use-by date—ever. "As a rule of thumb, condiments that have a higher sugar and salt content stay fresh longer and have a longer shelf life." But, she adds, many condiments don't carry expiration dates, so use this rule: When in doubt, throw it out. Yet, reminds Nussinow, some spoilage can occur with packaged snacks.

Do you have a jar of mustard in your cabinet from 2004? Here's a guide to how long the following condiments will last once opened: ketchup, one month in pantry, six to eight months in fridge; mayonnaise, two months in fridge; jellies and jams, one year in fridge; mustard, six to eight months in fridge; peanut butter, two to three months in fridge; pickles, one to two months in fridge; sour cream, two weeks in fridge; salad dressing, three months in fridge; butter, three months in fridge (can be stored in the freezer for up to a year). "The biggest issue is the oils in them getting rancid," she says.

They're meant to protect us and ensure the highest quality and safety of our food, but why are expiration dates so confusing?

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Expiration dating sex and the city introduction

Expiration dating sex and the city