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Microsoft and many other game developers use DRM in their Xbox games.Having gone back and forth about the requirement of DRM and always-on internet check-in requirements and restrictions for games since 2012, Microsoft is currently focused on restricting your rights.I suppose if you are already an i Pod user this may take some more practice than someone like me who doesn't have his own i Pod (my wife has a nano I use sometimes).The Zune is taller and thicker than the i Pod, but feels lighter in my hand since it isn't as dense as the i Pod.As readers know I purchased a Zune about 3 weeks ago and posted some initial thoughts on my blog.Since that time there has been lots more written on the internet about the Zune, mostly some harsh feedback that sounds like the authors didn't spend too much time with the device itself.However, I wanted to try out something new and personally enjoy other devices from Microsoft, T-Mobile Dash for example, and wanted to give the Zune a try.I don't like the way Microsoft paid off Universal and this alone almost made me want to return the Zune.

Close this dialog box to cancel, or you can choose to confirm to install the update.

I don't have a large music collection and want an unlimited music subscription, I also want to watch video on the device (I know many people can't understand why you someone would want to watch video on a small display, but I'm a geek and enjoy the experience during my 2 hour bus/van/train commute), and I enjoy FM radio on a regular basis.

I could have picked up something like a San Disk Sansa device with a Plays For Sure subscription and that may be the best choice for many people.

DRM is built into the heart of Windows and many other Microsoft services Windows Media DRM, for the Windows Media Platform, has four components, which manage DRM packaging, building applications to support DRM, tools for DRM offline playback on portable devices, and DRM for streaming with network devices.

Since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in 2016, users have been seeing this warning message: We recommend you do not proceed with this update as your device may have some music or video content that is protected by an older rights management technology, which is not supported.

On the other hand, I have been carrying the Zune naked for a couple weeks and there isn't a visible scratch anywhere on it.

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We recommend you do not proceed with this update as your device may have some music or video content that is protected by an older rights management technology, which is not supported. If you install. Microsoft first introduced Zune, a portable music player in 2006, and discontinued support six years later. However. 
09-Jul-2018 14:07
With something for everyone, the pre-loaded Zune content may help you discover your new favorite band, but at the very least you'll have some entertainment at your fingertips so you can start connecting and sharing. Zune pre-loaded content includes loads of audio tracks, music videos, and film shorts, plus 12 classic rock. 
09-Jul-2018 14:11
The Zune is a portable digital media player from Microsoft. The initial version of the device, released in November of 2006, is about the size of a deck of playing cards and weighs in at 5.6 ounces. The WiFi connection, however, cannot be used to synchronize with a PC, purchase content or access the Intenet. Users can. 
09-Jul-2018 14:14
May 11, 2017. I still use my Zune HD for a few reasons—one being that I loathe iTunes with the passion of every sun in the known universe. I vastly prefer the Zune device user interface to the iPod user interface in any iteration later than the original iPod nano. I don't need it to be updated because a good interface for. 
09-Jul-2018 14:18

Zune updating device content introduction

Zune updating device content

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