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A vast social safety net created by cultural obligations within communities ensures that everyone has food and housing.A growing middle class has produced a number of talented emerging leaders who will be a force for change in the country.Current trends — in the economy, law and order, health, and education — do not augur well for either the immediate or medium-term future.Successive leaders of Papua New Guinea have pinned their hopes for realising the development ambitions of the nation on the next significant resources investment.PNG governments have not been short of vision and ambition for their country.In 2009 the Somare government launched Papua New Guinea Vision 2050, a bold strategic framework to guide successive governments in developing Papua New Guinea over 40 years.[5] In 2014 the O’Neill government refined this strategy and introduced the National Strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development, which foresees the “support and engagement of all sectors of society” in building a “truly sustainable and responsible economy”.[6] Nevertheless, if PNG’s efforts to reshape the country’s future are to succeed they will need to tackle seven key trends.A new generation of leaders must build the quality and effectiveness of national institutions.

They face a highly complex set of challenges, influenced by seven key trends: weak governance; poor law and order; a failing health system; a mediocre national education system; continuing reliance on the extractives industry; the unrealised potential of subsistence agriculture; and a growing population.

After 40 years of independence there are reasons to be both optimistic and pessimistic about PNG’s future.

A growing middle class has produced a number of talented emerging leaders who are committed to changing the weak development trajectory of their country.

While many changes of government have been enabled by motions of no confidence on the floor of the parliament, no government in Papua New Guinea has been removed by military force.

A free media has endured despite attempts by various governments to intimidate journalists.

Emerging leaders should concentrate on a few areas where bold and innovative policy interventions could make a transformational difference.

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Economic growth, smart innovative ideas, quality service and ensuring fair and equitable distribution of benefits in a safe and secure. development than has prevailed to date. This study employed a. Adult and youth literacy rates in PNG are one of the lowest in the region, with literacy levels among. • women lower than. 
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Png adult dating site

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