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Yes, articles are still accessible through Facebook, Twitter, Google and blogs.Once you have viewed your 10 free articles you will be directed to subscribe for unlimited Digital Access. How can I keep track of how many articles I have read each month? In order to continue our investment in the quality and depth of our award-winning journalism and to offer you the features and functions you want from our website, we are now charging for unlimited access to and the Montreal Gazette apps on smartphones. I'm not currently a Digital Access subscriber.For unlimited access we offer paid Digital Access subscriptions including a time-limited discount trial period.Current subscribers to the print edition of the Montreal Gazette receive access to website, smartphone apps and the Montreal Gazette i Pad app, plus e Paper and the e Paper tablet and smartphone apps included as part of their All Access Subscription.When you have two articles remaining, an automatic message will appear on your screen with an offer to subscribe. We are pleased to provide access to 10 free articles every 30 days (international readers will have access to 5 free articles every 30 days) to allow you, our valued readers, to sample the excellent content available on a limited basis before you choose to subscribe. What kind of content counts toward my monthly limit?Visits to the home page and important breaking news items on and the Montreal Gazette apps for smartphones are always available free of charge.

As Digital Access is accessible from your computer or mobile device simply by logging in, temporary stops are unnecessary.

Once you have registered for Digital Access and e Paper, your email address will be your username and you can select a password.

You can then use your login from any computer or mobile device available to you. How do I access my Digital Access account once I have activated it?

e Paper is a page-by-page replica of the day's printed newspaper - including all stories, sections, photos and ads - and provides the in-depth coverage and features found in our daily printed edition newspaper.

The e Paper also allows you to translate articles into other languages, magnify text for easier reading, and share stories with friends. Can I still access and the Montreal Gazette app articles through Facebook, Twitter, Google or my blog?

To access your Digital Access account, follow these steps: The Montreal Gazette app for i Pad can be downloaded from the App Store.

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Online chat for free with grannies introduction

Online chat for free with grannies

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