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Radiocarbon dating age earth

The technique gave 90 million years, but took no account of the non-constant erosion rate, or the loss and recycling of salt, or the fact that salt is obtained from other sources as well as continents.

More recently, work has been done on ocean sediments [S. This suggests that, given the current annual rates of erosion (some 27.5 billion tons), all earth's continents would be delivered into the oceans in just 14 million years.

But YE scientists point out some anomalies in relation to C-14 and a very old earth.

For instance, measurable amounts of C-14 have been found in fossil material, such as coal (traditionally Carboniferous period c300 mya).

These estimates give 4.4-4.5 billion years for moon rock, and 4.54 billion years for iron metreorites.

A full discussion of the topic must therefore include the current scientific challenge to the OE concept.

Absolute dating supplies a numerical date whilst relative dating places events in time-sequence; both are scientifically useful.

This is based upon the spontaneous breakdown or decay of atomic nuclei.

The time required for half the original number of parent atoms to decay is called the half life.

Some half-lives are listed below: It follows that uranium-lead, potassium-argon (K-Ar), and Rubidium-Strontium (Rb-Sr) decay can be used for very long time periods, whilst radiocarbon dating can only be used up to about 70,000 years. This uses a simple exponential decay formula linking the original number, Po, of parent atoms in rocks and minerals to the P atoms now present, thereby enabling an estimate of geological age.

In fact, organic samples from every portion of the Phanerozoic record (spanning the last 500 million years on OE dating) show detectable amounts of C-14.

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Conventional radiocarbon dating gives it an age of 27,000 years. M. G. L. 1982, Tree-Ring Dating and. “Dating the Earth and Fossils. 
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Radiocarbon dating age earth introduction

Radiocarbon dating age earth

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