Datagrid not updating after databind silverlight

Each data point in the series should have it's Y value set and in addition to the Y value you can also bind or set other data point properties: The Chart.Data Bind Table method is the simplest way to bind chart to a table with several columns.We group by the "Name" column, thereby creating one data series per sales person.The X values are bound to the "Year" column, the Y values are bound to the "Sales" column, the Label property of the resulting data points (one per record) is bound to the "Commissions" column, and the Legend Text property is bound to the "Name" column.In addition, extended data point properties other than X and Y values can be bound.These other properties are bound using the A list of these properties are as follows: Axis Label, Tooltip, Label, Legend Text, Legend Tooltip and Custom Property Name (the name of a custom property).The following table lists some of the common tasks for Data Grid and how to accomplish them.By viewing the related API, you can find more information and sample code.

In the sample below we have a table that has the sales and commissions of sales people for three years.

In addition to specifying the Data Source property you also need to create series and set their YValue Members and optionally XValue Member properties.

Multiple Y values can be bound if you specify comma separated list of members in the YValue Members property.

Keep in mind that not all methods accept all source types.

When you bind chart you create series and series data points.

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Datagrid not updating after databind silverlight introduction

Datagrid not updating after databind silverlight

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