Portage config files in etc need updating private dating ukraine

You should probably read the other articles below first to better understand things.

First thing - I alway buy my hardware that I know is linux supported and has good drivers.

note the # means you must be root, don't actually use the # This step is not necessary if you don't care that your kernel is big.

Fresh install and everything is working great so now what? If you like nano you can simple go into Konsole and punch in su than enter your password.So we have recompiled everything after making changes to system, updated the config files. So we rebooted, prayed and we made it back to our Desktop!!So now, I like all the multimedia features the web has to offer, so I want to experience it all, so I open up my konsole again and punch in: Yes, I know you can add this to your file, but this is my guide and you should add it to your /etc/portage/file for future use.Please refer to Gentoo Safe CFLAGS Guide for the correct setting for your specific CPU.Do not change your CHOST as described in that guide, changing CHOST is dangerous and not recommended.

Now with the world update you are going to run into bumps and this is where reading the ERROR MESSAGES is going to come to be Very Important.

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Gentoo-user Re fail to install new package. walt. 8 config files in '/etc/portage' need updating. 8 config files in '/etc' need updating. 
22-Nov-2018 23:08
Changes needed to install Webmin. Please ensure your 'sync-type' and 'sync-uri' are set correctly in /etc/portage. 2 config files in '/etc/portage' need updating. 
22-Nov-2018 23:11
IMPORTANT 8 config files in '/etc/portage' need updating. * See the CONFIGURATION FILES section of the emerge. It seems to install OK, without errors. 
22-Nov-2018 23:14
I did an "emerge portage" and recieved this. 1 config files in /etc need updating. I read the "emerge --help. IMPORTANT 1 config files in /etc. 
22-Nov-2018 23:18
Emerge gracefully handles updating installed packages to. To find files that need to be updated in /etc. backups of configuration files. /etc/portage/make. 
22-Nov-2018 23:22
Usr/share/portage/config/. Set environment variables for git when updating repository. you can use the files in /etc/portage/. 
22-Nov-2018 23:27

Portage config files in etc need updating introduction

Portage config files in etc need updating

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